Key Notes & Seminars

Make Your First Impression Your Best Impression©

(Your Professional Image) Achieving professional presence, sending the right message, visual and verbal impact and looking good on a budget.

The Art of Business and Social Interaction®

(Essentials of Successful Business Etiquette)
This workshop helps your employees revisit their knowledge of business etiquette. They will learn how to send the right verbal and non-verbal message to confirm their professional presence and promote their company. The workshop emphasizes guidelines for ensuring comfortable and smooth interactions with clients and peers. Includes: Breaking Bread and Developing Relationships.

The Executive Advantage in Successful Business Etiquette©

To help senior level employees revisit their knowledge of business etiquette. They will learn how to send the right verbal and non-verbal message to confirm their executive professional presence. The workshop emphasizes guidelines for interacting with clients and peers with class, style, and confidence. Participants will learn the nuances of business etiquette to validate their senior-level presence. Includes: The Art of Business Social Entertaining©.

Business As Usual On Casual Days©

Appropriate business casual dress, maintaining a professional image on casual days and making wise casual wardrobe choices.

Fore Women Only©

How golf works for you in the workplace. Learn the nuances of entertaining on the golf course, how to prepare for a corporate outing, what to wear, etiquette and what equipment to use. See Chicagoland Golf June 1999.

The Platinum Rule©

We will coach you and your team how to quickly and accurately identify the behavioral mode another person is operating in as well as how to make small adaptations in your communications that immediately put the other person at ease. When interpersonal tension disappears, trust rises and ideas flow freely.

Master Your Personal Brand©

Learn the key elements for a successful and impactful personal brand. Be the person senior management thinks of for a promotion.


What have our clients said about us?

Seldom do things meet my expectations; working with Anna exceeded my expectations.

Tommie Gibson, General Manager

Chelco Electric Services, Inc.

Anna's presentation on "Professional Presence" was very well received by both business professionals and small business owners in our workshop. In the last five years I have been affiliating this type of workshop, her 4.84 out of 5 feedback is the highest. In fact, we also hit the records for all aspects of the workshop and program.

George Chunkau Mui, Director

Illinois Small Business Development Center Asian American Alliance

Wildermuth is a professional who achieves dramatic professional results almost immediately. Through her seminars, our employees have gained a greater sense of self-esteem and confidence and our company has benefited through improved productivity and morale.

Ed Marinelli, President

Electri-Flex Co.

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