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A positive image is one of the most effective ways for professionals to succeed in the business life. Image affects how people perceive you and affects your self confidences. Having a good image just doesn’t happen — it needs to be cultivated.

Personal Images offers a variety of services for professionals who want to make an investment to upgrade their image. Please see the following for more information on how we can help you succeed.

We Can Help You:
  • Project positive and lasting first impressions.
  • Shape other people’s perceptions of you.
  • Gain the professional and personal visual image you desire.
  • Discover what you want to accomplish and what is keeping you from doing this.
  • Feel comfortable making a change to achieve your goal.
  • Build self-confidence by helping you feel good about the way you look and sound.
Personal and Professional Image Analysis (Consultations)

An Image Enhancement.

  • A color and personal clothing style analysis.
  • Guidelines for sending the appropriate message.
  • Hair, grooming and eyeglasses recommendations.
  • Inventory of your current wardrobe, weeding out clothing items no longer suited for your lifestyle.
  • Establishing a professional dress, presentation, and business social wardrobe.
  • Personal shopping which includes cost-effective shopping techniques.

Effective Presentation Skills

  • Determine your personal communication style.
  • Understand the five basic platform presentation skills
  • Convey the right visual and verbal image to gain listener confidence.
  • Learn how to use visual aids and technology to improve your presentation.

The Art of Business and Social Interaction®

  • Engage those around you.
  • Become skilled in The Art of Introduction.
  • Social Marketing – Work a Room Effectively.
  • The Art of the Business Meal.
  • Strategies for Successful Business Entertaining.
  • Create Your 30-to 60-Second Personal Introduction.

Develop Your Executive Professional Presence

  • Learn to move with ease and confidence.
  • Recognize your strengths and assets.
  • Understand and master the art of positive body language.
  • Increase your awareness of business, dining, and social etiquette.
  • Understand the five basic platform presentation skills.

How Can We Develop Your Executive Level Professional Presence?

  • Gain a competitive edge when you can move with ease and self confidence.
  • You will understand the art of positive body language.
  • We will help you recognize your assets not your liabilities; eye contact, facial expressions and develop positive gestures.
  • You become more aware of business, dining and social etiquette which will confirm your executive level presence.
  • We help you develop your 60 second introduction of who you are and your tag line which help people remember you with a smile.
  • Develop effective engaging presentation skills.
  • We use audio and video taping for feedback and assessment.

Image Enhancement Process – How We Work With You

  • We begin by discussing your lifestyle and the image you want to project to others.
  • We talk about your career and your activities outside of work.
  • We ask about your fashion personality, whether you enjoy mixing and matching clothing and your communication personality.
  • Together we establish objectives to help you discover and unlock the unique professional and personal style within you.
  • We help you develop your 60 second introduction of who you are and your tag line.
  • We will help you become more aware of business, dining and social etiquette.
  • We will provide you with the tools you need to develop an effective professional presence.

Present Yourself with Confidence©Essentials of Successful Interviewing Skills:

  • This coaching program helps high potentials strengthen their communication and interviewing skills to help present their best self as a leader in their field.
  • Emphasizes professional presence
  • Presents with confidence
  • High impact dialog
  • Engage formula
  • Create sucess stories
What Have Our Clients Said About Us?

Anna is an expert on making change happen. She knows what it takes to develop a personal image – communication skills, organizational savvy, presentation style, and appearance – that reflects who you are and leads to success as a business professional.

Nancy Newton, Ph.D., Professor

Business Psychology

My manager became a star presenter after working with Anna, he was able to engage the audience to embrace the message.

Senior Vice President

HSBC, North America

Anna has given me the self-assurance to walk into any room in the world and know I look great!

Chicago Civic Leader

Anna helped me create a more succinct, effective, and professional presentation by listening to what I hoped to accomplish and tailoring her suggestions to help me be successful. This led me to rewrite my script, using an opening story to immediately engage my audience and eliminating unnecessary details that distract from my major points.


I have had several meetings in the past two months as well as business dinners. I want you to know that I have felt completely relaxed and confident. Before working with you, I am sure I would have been second guessing myself, my clothes, and my manners.

General Manager

Chelco Electric, Inc.

I hate shopping, and my wardrobe showed it. Shopping with Anna changed this. She saved me time and money while helping me select clothing that I like and enjoy wearing. She has a natural instinct for choosing the right clothing colors and cuts. I never got so many compliments about my appearance as I do now. I feel much better about my image and myself.

Fortune 500 CEO

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