October 2017 Business Case Study

The Situation:Leadership Confidence

Bill has been in the organization just over a year. He was recruited by a senior leader because of his analytical skills and deep knowledge of the industry. The challenges are that the projects are fast moving and at times, he must make a decision without having all the facts. This has created concern among the senior leaders that he is not confident in decisive actions at critical points of a project.

The Solution:

Bill began working on ways to ask critical questions to get himself into a comfort zone if faced with making a decision without all of the information he would prefer. Bill also initiated meetings with team members so that as many details as possible are available when a decision needs to be made.

The Outcome:

Bill gained enough confidence at meetings to ask probing questions on project issues that demanded immediate decisions. He has also committed to not work in a silo. Instead, he spends time developing relationships so when there is a need to get other folks involved they are more responsive. Senior leaders have commented that they are pleased timelines are being met, sometimes even before the due dates.

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