The Platinum Rule

Do Unto Others as They Would Have You Do Unto Them or Treat Others as They wish to be Treated . This is a more modern, sensitive version of the Golden Rule.

While we believe in the Golden Rule 100% as it applies to honesty, integrity and morals, if it is followed to the letter of the law, it often backfires in one-on-one, interpersonal communications. Not everyone wants to be treated as you do.

We will teach you and your team how to quickly and accurately identify the behavioral mode another person is operating in as well as how to make small adaptations in your communications that immediately put the other person at ease. When interpersonal tension disappears, trust rises and ideas flow freely.

The keys that differentiate The Platinum Rule® from other personality typing models is that ours is based on observable behaviors and it can be learned in less than two hours.

We will teach you how to make two simple either/or decisions about another person’s behavior, which allow you to immediately determine how to shift the conversation to create immediate rapport!

Please let us show you how simple our model is during a brief phone call: 630.530.9440

Also available for purchase on-line for $49.00.

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