Executive Coaching

Insightful Career and Personal Development Leading To Business, Social and Organizational Success!

As a coach, Anna partners with leaders to build:

  • A successful professional future
  • High leverage business relationships
  • Inspiring, charismatic and productive leadership skills
  • Results-driven teams

Organizational Success

Organizational success hinges on the personal effectiveness of the leaders: enhancing their self-awareness; adapting leadership and communication skills, strengthening their ability to influence beyond formal authority to benefit the entire organization.

Anna Soo Wildermuth, Executive Coach, forges relationships that result in business success and personal transformations, driving future triumphs.

Aligning the development needs of the client with the objectives of the organization, Anna provides a confidential, supportive and feedback-rich environment that helps high potential leaders gain valuable insights and develop positive new behaviors.

Six Areas of Influence

Anna specializes in the following six behaviors:

  • Executive Presence – Learn how to project self-confidence, gravitas under pressure, authenticity, empathy, warmth and strength. Develop a blend of persuasive and impactful leadership competencies that inspire trust, enthusiasm and results. Stay calm under pressure, act with integrity effectively communicate in a crisis.

  • Communication Skills – Whether it’s a board meeting, an impromptu chat with a colleague or a town hall meeting, Anna helps leaders communicate clearly and confidently at every level of the organization – from the boardroom to the team.

  • Conflict Management Skills – Understand and manage conflict constructively and resolve disputes quickly. Anna assists leaders in developing the skills that encourage collaboration and common purpose while increasing employee engagement, productivity and retention.

  • Transitioning into New Leadership Roles – Accelerate mastery of new challenges. From quickly absorbing new information and developing new competencies to building strong relationships across organizational boundaries, Anna trains leaders to hit the ground running and add value from day one.

  • Increasing Emotional and Social Intelligence – When it comes to accomplishing shared objectives, emotional quotient (EQ) matters as much as intelligence quotient (IQ). Discover the range of skillsets that drive success – practicing team leadership and collaboration, building trust, influencing skills, managing emotions, showing resilience and managing conflict.

  • Business Social Interaction – Business social skills are critical to forming thriving business relationships. Leverage your professional capital by understanding the best ways to entertain, practicing the proper behavior while being entertained and networking with a purpose.

Why Anna Soo Wildermuth?

  • Experience with Global Corporations, academic and non-profit environments – Anna has worked with many diverse organizations in several countries including Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric, HSBC, McDonald’s, Allstate, BMO Harris Bank and EMS Insurance. These major firms count on her expertise, as do many other large multinationals and entrepreneurial start-ups in the US, Europe and Asia. A global perspective has shaped her ability to empathize and respond to a broad range of personalities, communication styles and leadership challenges.

  • Regular Progress Reports – Anna focuses on comprehensive assessment, actionable feedback, clear outcomes, tailored guidance and long-term accountability. Regular stakeholder interviews and mini 360-degree feedback sessions allow for progress reviews and input on the effectiveness of each coaching program. Adjustments, if needed, are made in real time to align the program with performance and organizational goals.

  • Anna Soo Wildermuth’s customized coaching programs generally last from six months to a year. Call at 630-530-9440 or email anna@personalimagesinc.com