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Archive: Women’s Style and Fashion

Sleeveless shirts- business casual

wedding-1Business casual has become mainstream for women in the office. Most senior executives do not go sleeveless without a jacket. If the work population has more men than women, associated must wear sleeveless shirts with a jacket or sweater. This is understandable because sleeveless shirts have a wide range of styles and can be too casual. Sleeveless shirts with collars are an option. They have more polish and in very warm climates can look professional without a jacket.

Hose etiquette

blue pattern leggingsI was surprised to see a Diane von Furstenberg model wearing dark hose with a light color sandal promoting a skirt dress. Wearing hose with open toe sandals is becoming more mainstream. These are a few guidelines to ensure you will look smart and not frumpy:

• Wear dark sheer hose with a dark sandal
• Pattern hose will look best with a sandal in the color same family
• Hose must be toeless – no seams at the toes
• Tights can be the exception in coordinating color with the shoe when the tights match the outfit

If in doubt, chose a color close to the sandal rather than the dress or skirt.

Mix and match

3d human with a red question markClassic styling has dictated that shoes, belts and handbags match. Today’s trends are more in the mix and match category like wearing colors and patterns.
However, a man wearing a dark leather high gloss brown shoe would choose a dark brown leather belt in an high gloss finish like a lizard print. He would keep the same color scheme with different leather blend.

Women have gone in the opposite direction. A black shoe might be matched with a patterned purse in a totally different color. What makes it work is the clothing pieces worn to complement the black shoe. I still believe if you are more comfortable with matching then add a mixed pattern in the same color.
Whatever you choose to accessorize, make sure it is the best quality leather or fabric.

Gray- the new color nail polish?

Gray nail polish color1In 2016, Michele Obama wore gray nail polish for her speech at the Democratic convention. This color seemed to have disappeared for a while but it is back big time now. I have seen blue, light and charcoal grays.

The darker grays seemed to be worn by women in the fashion industry and the lighter grays worn by folks in business. Darker gray is the color to be careful of. It can make the skin look older and harsh. In choosing gray, opt for the lighter one. You still will be in fashion.

What is style?

womens-fashion-trends-springsummer-2016-3-620x531I am continually amazed and reminded that timing is everything on style choices. A recent magazine featured the latest styles. They included a patterned top with a printed bottom (both for men and women).

This reminded me of the first store-bought blouse I wore (orange and yellow flowers) with a plaid blue and red skirt. I was so proud of my ensemble until I was told you never wear two different patterns or colors not in the same color circle together.  Maybe that is why I wear only solids to this day! Seriously, today, what I find most interesting is that it seems that anything goes. Still, I believe style should always contain an element of elegance.

Wearing white

white jacket imagesHillary Clinton wore an elegant, tailored Ralph Lauren white pantsuit to accept the Democratic nomination for president at the recent convention. A white pants suit can be worn for different occasions. My favorite is for an evening business or social event. The key to making it work is the fabric and shades of white. A great way to know the difference in whites is by going to either a fabric store or look at white paint chips. This will help determine which white works best for you. Hillary’s white pants suit was close to a true white and the fabric projected a softness that balanced stark white coloring.

What to wear for a wedding

question_makrs_cutie_mark_by_rildraw-d4byewlRecently, I was a victim of wedding dress party guest nightmare after going through ten dresses along with multiple pairs of evening shoes. However, the reality is that going to a wedding as a guest and not as a member of the wedding party, what to wear is not dictated by pictures, which is good. Also not having to wear a long dress makes it easy to pull something from my wardrobe.

These are the following tips I learned to help avoid having the wedding dress party guest nightmare:

• Many stores do not have all their dresses in stock…order on line.
• Dresses that look great on the hanger…chances are that they won’t look good on you.
• Be sensitive to your body shape…buy a dress that will enhance it.
• The dress must be comfortable…no matter how great it looks on.
• Long dresses are really long…be prepared to spend upwards of $75.00 for alterations.
• Be sure you have a pair of shoes to wear for alterations.

If you follow these six guidelines, I guarantee that shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding will not be a nightmare. It even might be fun.

Skirt or pants suits

WP_000121Clothing choices for women have switched back and forth between pant and skirt suits. I recommend a dress with a jacket to clients. It’s easy to wear a dress, especially a sleeveless one (which stays cool under a jacket) and dresses flatter most figures. Also, dresses and skirts are rising in popularity because executive women want to move away from pants. Hugo Boss has several striking dress and jacket combinations available during their anniversary sale.

Flip Flops

flip flops.cn11037686It is interesting to see flip flops become somewhat of a main footwear choice on Main Street. Flip flops are designed now in every material from rubber to upscale leather. Recently, at a 5-Star restaurant for dinner, I was disappointed to see men wearing leather flip flops! It was a dinner not lunch. There are so many cool casual shoes that resorting to flip flops is not necessary.

The new color is not a color

nike-esquire-sneakers-whiteWhite has been in style for the last two years. In 2016, it hit in athletic shoes and in recently replacing sandals especially for men.  Give credit to the shoe designers. We have seen the colored footwear boom in everything from bright orange to screaming yellow hues. Smart designers decided to add a white and it became a trend. It makes sense because you can wear white with any color outfit. The new white shoe is not clunky so add it to your closet!