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Women Only – What is the right belt to wear?

beltsWe have seen belts being worn more frequently on tall thin ladies. As much as I like wide belts (and have too many), they do not look good on me because I have a short torso and am not slender enough.

The best way to determine if a belt will look good on you is to realize that it must accent your waist and make you look slimmer. Too wide of a belt will  make the body look stubby while a thin belt accents your figure. has a wide range of belts for most shapes.

Answering tough questions

question_makrs_cutie_mark_by_rildraw-d4byewlThese tips that will help you navigate through responding to tough questions, a very important skill needed in front of an audience or while on the phone:

• Take your time
• Speak to what can be done, never on what cannot be done
• Use a positive tone and calm voice – especially on the phone
• In person, display engaged facial expressions

Twitter – your best friend or worst enemy

penTweets are supposed to be positive, never inflammatory. The idea is to provide resources and stay connected. An accusatory or negative tweet will damage your brand.

I was involved with a client who wanted to save an employee. Unfortunately, when an issue did not favor this person, he aired dirty laundry in a tweet. This was not about freedom of speech, it hurt the company and resulted in the employee being let go.

Etiquette for sharing office space

dreamstime_1684905Sharing working space occurs when there are limited offices. It is especially prevalent when the staff travels 75% of the time. Sharing offices can be a win / win when following these guidelines:

• Always leave the space clean by putting away office supplies in their specific location.
• Never eat food with strong odors at the desk.
• Honor your allotted time.
• Replace any supplies you have used.
• Be the master of your space time.

Outerwear – First Impression

IFun-Fur-Credit-Sandra-Semburg-Vogue_fr_ recently noticed a professional woman wearing an oversized mock faux coat walking toward her car. I love faux fur coats when they look either real faux or real in-between. A faux fur looks best when styled to look that way. There are colors and fur types that shout: I am not real! Even so, they make a fashion statement. A faux fur that tries to look real without having a contemporary style appears cheap and matronly.

My late mother had a mink coat that she stopped wearing because it became too big and heavy. We brought her a faux fur in deep forest green in the traditional style. It looked sharp, fun and she loved it!


Holiday Parties- Part One

holidayHoliday parties can be landmines for careers sometimes even resulting in party situations being taken to senior leaders. On the other hand, holiday work gatherings can enhance your employment capital by giving others an opportunity to know you even if it is only to say hello and introduce yourself.

Definitely stay away from controversial subjects like politics, money and religion. Many relationships rupture because of differences in these areas.  Holiday parties can also be events where you can begin to mend some broken fences.

Television and stylish wardrobes

WP_000121Whether is it Scandal or The Good Wife, I love watching Kerry Washington and Christine Baranski, especially in how they take control of the situations they face on the programs.

I also notice that their clothing choices and especially Christine’s jewelry picks, paired with clothing selections, are impeccable. Wardrobe stylists on these shows spend hours with an abundance of resources at their fingertips to style their characters. We may not always be able to afford TV character choices of clothing or jewelry. However, watching these shows can provide ideas and suggestions on wardrobe and accessory stylings. It’s almost like having your own stylist!

How many drinks for a social event?

DrinkspgRecently, I was out with folks who like to have a cocktail and wine with their meals. Since for me, one glass of wine is more than enough for an evening, I usually order a club soda with a lime. I will order that glass of wine with my meal if everyone is having one.

It would be the same for a business event. For hosts, I recommend no more than two glasses of wine with one cocktail. Liquor can loosen one’s tongue which can lead to revealing things that would be better left unsaid.


Speaking Up on the Phone

phoneMost our interactions, including final business transactions, take place on the phone. Speaking clearly and succinctly is very critical for many reasons. Your tone of voice is important in showing confidence and asking the appropriate questions.

Most importantly, you need to be heard. A good way to practice is by partnering with a colleague so you can both practice a range of voices, tones and pronunciations. Your phone voice is just as important as your visual presence.


Makeup versus no makeup

red lipstick11127502Surveys have shown women who wear makeup are seen as more confident by the C-Suite. However, I am not advocating that women should wear foundation, blush, lipstick etc. What I am suggesting is that there are many alternatives besides lipstick. Many companies such as Burt’s Bees, Origins and Benefit provide color in their lip balms. A little blush on the cheeks and color on the lips will create a polished finish.

For those who have small shaped lips and would like to wear a lipstick but have experienced too much color on the lips, consult with a makeup professional to help you choose a color with a natural look.

Wearing the same color on their lips as their natural lip color has worked for many of my clients. It completes a finished look that is not garish.