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The CEO of your team – make it the best environment for collaboration

networking-pic-gifRecently, in the Chicago Tribune business section, they highlighted the best companies to work for. Being open to discussion, listening to issues and ensuring they are noted and providing a safe place for personal situations are three areas that make companies good to work for. Teams that are successful are led by CEOs who act as thought partners. As a leader, you empower your team to succeed with timelines and accountability along with listening to any issues that arise. How that is done will always be important in meeting employee goals and exceeding expectations.

Road Warrior

earthFor those on the road more than three times a month for business or pleasure, here’s a refresher on what to pack. Always have a quick-start kit of toiletries, packed and to ready to go. Every third trip, refresh the see through bag  with items, such as certain hair or grooming products (women– makeup) (men- shaving and colognes), that may need substituting or replacing.

Keep some zip lock plastic bags in different sizes around. They are very useful to pack items that may leak (The Container Store also carries leak proof bottles.) or food/beverages you could not finish in the airport. Try to pack items in clear cases. I find Travel Smith is a great tool to pick up some new ideas on practical packing.

Custom clothing for men

My DadA true custom made suit is tailored to your body and has enhanced features to strengthen some of your body’s features. For example, Cary Grant’s suit jackets always had extra pads in the shoulder area to give him better posture.

Following are some characteristics of a classic, trim and extra trim fit:

Classic Cut  Hart Shaffner Marx) See my father pictured. He was always a classic cut.

• Cut wider through the shoulders

• Extra room through the chest and back for ease of movement

• Slightly lower button stance

• Fuller trousers (may have pleats)

• Trousers (have a break)

Trim Cut (Calvin Klein)

• Cut narrower across the shoulders

• Higher armhole

• Trimmer through the chest and waist, with room for movement

• Slim trousers

• No break in the trousers

Extra Trim (Ted Baker)

• Cut slim through the shoulders

• High armhole and narrow sleeves

• Slightly higher button stance

• Extra-slim trouser

To tailor a suit to a trim style:

– Slim the arms of the jacket

– Slim the legs on the pants

– Ensure pants have no break



writerimagesThe latest trend is personalization with names spelled out or initials on necklaces, bracelets, rings, tote bags, purses and even sweaters.

I think initials on a bag or on a necklace can be smart. My feeling is that personalized items are great to wear on weekends or if you are in the fashion and/or art field. And one personalized item is much smarter than to wear several items with your name or initials on it.