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Long earrings – current trends

Long earrings

Long earrings can be fun to wear in business setting and social settings. These are some key points to remember in choosing the right length to wear:
• The longer earring worn shows best contrasted with the neckline of the top.
• A necklace should not hit the shoulder blade otherwise the earring will not have movement.
• Long earrings can have double to triple strands. For the look not to get lost, balance it with a simple hair style.


petrified_woodRecently, when working with a client in refreshing her wardrobe, we realized that the jewelry that worked a few years ago needed to be replaced with more statement pieces for a couple of reasons. She was recently promoted to a senior vice president role and the office went to a more casual environment.

So now, for her, professional casual is more fitting. She also travels internationally. In upgrading necklaces and earrings choosing the right proportion of each is critical. Increasing the size of the stones by one half and wearing a more intense color will add the impact needed to create the elegant, smart, professional casual look.

How many rings is too many?

rings on fingersIn recent years, the classy way to wear rings meant that less is more. One or two on each hand was the norm. A few years ago, a Chicago fashion setter was featured in many articles wearing three to four rings of varying sizes on each hand.

When shopping at a high-end store, I noticed the sales person waiting on me wore two rings (designer with the initials DY) on each finger, plus she had a ring on her middle toe. Because she was in the fashion industry selling jewelry, this was acceptable. In everyday business settings my recommendation is to use jewelry as an accent, not as a main focus.

Is a woman’s necklace the man’s tie?

petrified_woodI do believe a wonderful statement necklace on a woman projects the same presence as a man wearing tie. A necklace, like a tie, draws attention to the face. It frames the face and adds diversity in color and shape.

For the necklace to have the same effect as a man’s tie, it must lay close to the collar bone. It needs boldness with color, the stones or the metal. A long necklace can have the same effect if it contains more than three strands.

Mixing metals are in – gold worn with silver is bold

John Hardy gold and silver earringsOften, clients will tell me that they cannot mix gold with silver…that earrings, necklace and bracelets need to be in the same metal. I ask them to think about mixing metals in a smart way. For example, gold earrings can be worn with a silver necklace. To help make the transition, wear a necklace that has gold in it or wear the same metal color for the accessories (necklace and earrings). Mix it up with bracelets and rings. I wear my dad’s yellow gold jade ring with a gold bracelet. My watch is gold and silver. My earrings and necklace are white gold. And it all looks great together!


What’s the latest on matching accessories?

sequins7Using a guest volunteer in a recent presentation, I wanted to demonstrate what worked well in her professional attire. I had commented how she was able to wear a necklace and earrings that complemented each other but did not match because wearing matching earrings and necklaces has gone by the wayside. Now, it is smarter to wear complementary pieces.

Have said that, there are exceptions, one being gem and natural stone pieces. Also, when wearing matching pieces, the earrings must be smaller.


What are the most common proportion mistakes?

question_makrs_cutie_mark_by_rildraw-d4byewlFor women:

• Jewelry, such as necklaces and earrings, that appear too big or too small.

• Purses that are too small for a larger women or too large for a petite women.

For men:

• Ties that are too wide or too skinny.

• Skinny pants that belong on slender men worn by men with ample builds.

• Tee shirts that show bellies.

There are some proportion mistakes folks make because they want to make a fashion statement. If that’s the case, just be sure your audience understands that.


Necklaces: How big, how bright and how many?

long_strandThe trend continues to be big and bright. However, there are many occasions in the business world where that might be too attention grabbing. At the same time you want to be current.

A way to update what you have in your jewelry box is to layer several necklaces together. To make it interesting, use different lengths and shapes. Make sure the necklaces are a few inches apart. An exception would be to use one strand that has an ornament (like a cross) on it. You can layer a thin chain on top of it.

If you decide to wear a new, chunky ornament necklace, wear it under an open collared blouse. (See my picture as an example.) Necklaces should add interest to what you wear and can be your signature to brighten up a suit.