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Archive: Health Issues

Itchy Skin

itchy skinjpgWinter is awful on our skin. In a recent meeting, I sat across from a person who kept scratching their arms and then their neck. Pretty soon I wanted to start scratching (him and myself!) even though I take precautions not to have dry skin by:

• Using Neutrogena, Rainbath® Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel to shower in warm water not hot and then using their body oil before I dry.

• Drinking plenty of water

• Only wearing natural fabrics (cotton and very fine wools) for those allergic to wool, then only cotton.


How many drinks for a social event?

DrinkspgRecently, I was out with folks who like to have a cocktail and wine with their meals. Since for me, one glass of wine is more than enough for an evening, I usually order a club soda with a lime. I will order that glass of wine with my meal if everyone is having one.

It would be the same for a business event. For hosts, I recommend no more than two glasses of wine with one cocktail. Liquor can loosen one’s tongue which can lead to revealing things that would be better left unsaid.


Airplane Etiquette

A recent FaceHealth-Bad-Breath-and-Body-Odor-Be-Gonebook posting showed a woman having one foot up on the arm of the seat in front of her. Please! But maybe the women had a leg problem. I would have asked the flight attendant to move her to a row where there was an empty seat so she could put her foot up.

This brings me to men who take off their shoes and have a pronounced odor coming from their feet. I get it if is a long flight but ask for a pair of slippers or bring a pair with you.

Food smells are another problem. If you are going to bring food on the plane to eat choose items that do not have a strong odors. Be a good airline travel pal.


Are You a no limit person?

I recenPartyimagesCAH8OO89tly purchased a four-CD set on “Be a No Limit Person”. What I found so inspiring and at the same time very challenging was how to be in control of oneself instead being defined by the environment. Oh, we can still complain about everything from the cold weather to the challenging economy. Beyond that, however, Wayne Dyer is saying to be optimistic and control your own well-being by having a positive attitude.

It is much easier to walk around with the gloom and doom attitude. It takes effort to self-talk into control of the outcome. Having a positive attitude will be better for your health and at the same time you will draw folks to you who want to be around you. If you continue to worry and predict the worst, it will happen.

You can purchase the CD at Amazon or go to You Tube to listen to Wayne Dyer on “Be a No Limit Person”.


Too much baggage

Recently,briefcase I noted that many folks were trying to carry too many bags or had a bag that was too stuffed or big to carry.

Here are some tips to keep you from looking like you’re being overwhelmed by your luggage:

For Women:

• When carrying files, use a tote that can also act as your purse.

• For large files and a laptop, use a bag that has wheels (put your purse on top of the bag). It looks professional and is easier to manage.

• Don’t overstuff a purse or tote.

For Men:

• Select a backpack that doesn’t make you look like you are going on a camping trip.

• Do not over stuff briefcases – it makes you appear overloaded.

• If you have heavy files because you are a road runner, use a roller bag. Tumi makes several smart ones.

Keep these guidelines in mind when you are preparing and managing your luggage.


Should men color or curl their hair?

26447en_USI_QuestionMarkMen have an advantage women don’t have— gray hair can look distinguished on them. I understand in today’s world anyone over 30 is considered old which is why, to look younger, men can be tempted to color their hair. In some cases men even perm their hair (You see Bradley Cooper in American Hustle wearing curlers!).

First of all, men’s hair does not take color or perms as naturally as women’s hair does. Nothing is worse than men having bad fake hair color. It creates an air of artificial presence. It can also defeat the purpose and make men look older. Men’s hair also does not take perms too well. Perms tend to produce a Brillo pad look.


Are you stress free while getting ready for the holidays?

White Gift Box with Red Satin Ribbon BowThe holidays can be a wonderful time if one can manage the stress of trying to get too much done. Appearing and feeling rattled could take the joy out of this wonderful time.

These are a few things I consider to ensure I will enjoy this season:

1. Do not over schedule, Steven Covey says to allow time in a day for the unexpected.

2. When you are faced with a lack of time to complete a task, complete it on another day.

3. Taking deep breaths really helps when you find yourself in a stressful moment.

4. This is very important: do one at least one thing each day that brings you joy. For me it is in the morning when I hug my dog and make plans to have lunch or dinner with a friend to celebrate the holidays.


Eye wear trends – heavy frames versus rimless glasses

eyeFull rimmed black and colored glasses have replaced the rimless glasses. The key is finding the right frame size and shape. Your eyes should pop in the frames.

The thickness of the frames looks best when they balance the shape of your face and hair. If your face and hair have a lot of texture, then narrow frames would be best. The opposite is true if your face and hair are very sleek. Then a heavier frame would add character to your face.

Rimless glasses look okay on wide faces because the side pieces will narrow the face.

Be sure to take your time in picking out your frames. They must feel comfortable and you want to feel confident in them. You also should consider having more than one pair.



The rise of the two inch pump

heels-faux-leather-top-bow-decoration-chunky-heels-004850_3Enough of the stiletto heels. Even Jessica Sarah Parker of Sex in the City has a foot problem due to wearing them. In fact, that’s the reason for the recent popularity of the two inch stacked heel—because women are realizing the three to four- inch pumps can cause major foot and ankle problems.

Over time, wearing high heels can shorten calf as well as back muscles, leading to pain and spasms.

“Any time you wear shoes that restrict the natural shape of your foot, you’re at risk for experiencing pain,” noted physician, Dr. Nevins, points out. According to him, many women who wear high heels often also suffer a shortening of the Achilles tendon because once the heel is pointed upwards, it tightens up. Stretching it again or switching to flats can be very painful and even lead to plantar fasciitis.

Wearing the two-inch stacked heel will save your back and feet. Now, with Tory Busch and other notable shoe designers re-introducing them, you have a chance to be stylish too.



Do you hear what I hear?

In the book “Shouting Won’t Help,” author Katherine Bouton whose hearing loss began at age 30, lists three tips on how to help someone who has a hearing loss. They are:

– Look at the person you are talking to

– Repeat the question or answer by paraphrasing it

– Articulate using a normal voice and even pace.

It’s all great advice since many folks today may experience hearing loss due to loud noises and ear phone usage. In fact, we are getting used to seeing hearing aids because they are becoming as commonplace as glasses.

Also, if you have a hearing loss – let people know about it in an easy conversation. It will remind them to use the three tips above and help you understand what they are saying.