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writerimagesThe latest trend is personalization with names spelled out or initials on necklaces, bracelets, rings, tote bags, purses and even sweaters.

I think initials on a bag or on a necklace can be smart. My feeling is that personalized items are great to wear on weekends or if you are in the fashion and/or art field. And one personalized item is much smarter than to wear several items with your name or initials on it.


The carrying bag – What message does it send?

briefcaseIn the movie Blue Jasmine, Cate Blanchette’s character, Jasmine, has fallen on hard times. She carries a Hermes bag which turns out to be her symbol.

What does the bag you carry, whether is a purse, brief case or backpack, say about you?

Recently, while waiting for my flight to see a client, I surveyed the bags folks carried. With the elegantly appearing men and women, their bags were never seemed overloaded. They were in good condition and in some cases bore an immediatly recognizable designer label.

However, there were too many folks who had over-stuffed bags and in some cases multiple bags. The old perception was that people with bags like that were hard workers. Today the thought is that they appear unorganized and a bit overwhelmed.

Then, there are the backpack folks. They are saying “I am current and I am cool”. My thought was: When do you give up your college days?