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Archive: Evening Apparel

Black tie or black tie optional dress

haircut disasterHaving just been to a black tie affair, I saw women wearing dresses in street, tea and formal length. There were strapless tops and jackets worn with pants. Men have the luxury of wearing a tuxedo for the black tie event and a dark suit for the black tie optional. Dressing for black tie or black tie optional used to have different meanings for women but now, women have the freedom to wear almost anything that has an evening look to it whether it’s a dress or a dressy pants suit.

I think of three things when choosing the right black tie outfit: knowing what the event norm is, making sure the outfit is comfortable and preparing at least two choices for the event. This is so that if there is a temperature change, I am ready!

Scotch Guard goes a long way

It’s very unpleasant to be wearing newly stained clothing. scotch guardThere are two great products to have on hand to immediately use after an incident that will help you stay spotless.

Scotch Guard works terrifically by spraying it lightly on clothing (except silk). It works well with cotton, wool and synthetics by  preventing stains from being absorbed into fabric.

Another great product is the Tide spot remover pen. I keep it in my glove compartment so when I recently noticed a stain on my sweater, I was able to remove it immediately while en route and remain spotless for my next appointment!

Evening events and business social dress

Evening businea winnerss award events generally occur at the beginning of the year which is when questions are often asked about what is appropriate to wear.

Business folks dress in many different ways for these events. I’d rather be a bit underdressed than overdressed. Women, leave the sequins at home. Men, you cannot go wrong in a dark suit (black or dark navy) and a white shirt with a dark tie. If the event says black tie option, men can wear a dark suit or tuxedo. For women, a dress or an evening suit will fit the bill.


Evening jacket verses a tuxedo for a black tie event

Ferrecci-Mens-Cream-Polyester-Blend-Shawl-Tuxedo-Jacket-P14151348aIn the Midwest, a black tie event for men means a tuxedo. However, the trend has been moving toward an evening jacket in a color other than black. For the conservative man who wants to stand out, navy and burgundy have become options.

A good friend of mine who is very fashion forward wore one in a gold (not shiny) material. What is not recommended for a black tie event, is a plain black suit, even though I have seen some men wear them.