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Does your e-mail accurately represent you?

email-logo-300x300Recently I was involved in a project and the coordinator corresponded with me via e-mail. The e-mails were less than friendly. They were quite terse and in some cases a bit accusatory when answering my questions. For example, one comment was- why are you asking these questions – did you not read my last e-mail?

I was shocked when meeting her in person. She was a very nice person, very sincere and quite helpful. My point is that it may be a good idea to read your e-mails out loud before sending. Is the tone reflective of your intent? This is why US Today has said so many problems are caused by e-mail. Maybe had this person and I had a face to face meeting or even a phone conversation, I would not have developed a negative perception of her.


Succinct Emails

In this fastThumbs up paced world, e-mails need to be succinct. The reader must know quickly what the message is about. An immediate tool is using the subject line to specify any action needed or not needed. It also should have a timeline on when the action must be completed. A follow up phone call may also be necessary. I always change the subject line on communication string if the subject has moved to a different direction.

Finally, try and keep an email to just one topic. Many people do not read emails all the way through. Having just one topic instead of several will help ensure the message will be read, understood and acted upon.

Follow these recommendations and your message will not get lost.