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Gray- the new color nail polish?

Gray nail polish color1In 2016, Michele Obama wore gray nail polish for her speech at the Democratic convention. This color seemed to have disappeared for a while but it is back big time now. I have seen blue, light and charcoal grays.

The darker grays seemed to be worn by women in the fashion industry and the lighter grays worn by folks in business. Darker gray is the color to be careful of. It can make the skin look older and harsh. In choosing gray, opt for the lighter one. You still will be in fashion.

Customer service in a poor company

haircut disasterGood people get worn away when working for a bad company as in the story below.

As a business owner, I know that having good credit is very important for many reasons. For example, using automatic payment ensures I am never late for a payment. A company I did business with changed credit card companies making it necessary to call all the vendors to replace the card. This firm experiences many problems with their systems. They are trying to mitigate that by hiring good customer service people. However, no matter how good or how new, a customer service staff can only stay positive when dealing with legitimate complaints. Not ones stemming from receiving a call from a company saying a payment was rejected because they did not have the credit card.

I spoke four times to different representatives about this very situation. They apologize because they have the new card in the system but are uncertain of the problem. You can hear their frustration (forget about mine!).  How can a company keep good people when the system works against them? How can the reps  keep a cheery voice and attitude when the problem keeps recurring? That’s what wears them out, I suspect.

What is a polished, finished face?

a winnerFor women who fervently oppose makeup, try tinted moisturizer (We all need moisturizer.), a well-defined eyebrow and a bit of color on the lips and check. Burt’s Bees is one of many brands that offer a lip stain combined with a chap stick. Women’s lips never should look dry.

For men, even those who prefer a shadow beard, the rest of the face must be well groomed, with trimmed eye brows and no other facial hair out of place. It is amazing how popular men’s products for the face, moisturizers and exfoliates currently are. Also, instead of the heavy colognes of yesterday, light fragrances are the rule now.

Lipstick – What is the cost?

red lipstick11127502Often, I work with high potential women who have a challenging time with senior leaders who are hesitant to move them to the next level because they lack leadership presence.

Recently, in a first time meeting with a senior manager being looked at for a director role, the subject of makeup came up. She indicated she didn’t wear any, especially lipstick.

Lipstick comes in many colors from nude to bright red. Another form of lipstick is tinted with color chap stick like Burt’s Bees which also has a wide range of tints. The price of lipstick ranges from $9.99 to $50.00 (Tom Ford). However, the monetary cost of lipstick is nothing compared to the actual value it can add when appropriately applied.


Nail polish what are the best colors? – bright, dark or neutral?

Nails 2

The woman wearing a neutral color says, my hands are well taken care of. They are a critical part of my image but not the only element.

For men, the message is the same, well-groomed nails indicate elegance and conservative look. Dark polish shouts- a performer and an artist. What is your message?


Warm or cool colored makeup

red lipstick11127502Bobbi Brown, my favorite makeup artist, and I both agree is it important to recognize your color temperature. If your skin tone is warm it is best to wear blush and lipstick in the warm families with yellow undertones.

For example, a red lipstick would be a tomato color with red undertones. This also suggests that those with colored skin tones can wear blush and lipstick with blue undertones. The red lipstick would be a cherry red with blue undertones. When you try to do the opposite it tends to make your skin look harsh and dry.


New eyeliner pencil break through

I have always Boobi brown eyeliner pencil_mxhesitated to wear eyeliner because most of the time it ends up smearing and running down to the lower eye lash lids. But, the correct thickness of eyeliner on your eyelids will make your eyes pop and fresh looking. The challenging part is finding a liner that is easy to use and that does not have a tendency to run. Eye liner like that will always enhance your eyes.

On this topic, congratulations are in order for Bobby Brown! She has come up with a wonderful gel eyeliner pencil. I have used it for a week now and it does not run or smear.