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Nail color statements

nails4778025555_d0e00923f3Gray nail polish with a blacker color to it is trending again. Michele Obama first wore the lighter gray nine years ago while making a major speech at a convention. This color looks best on lighter skin tones. On darker skin, it might look like a bruised nail. Another trend (a favorite of mine) are the different neutral shades. If you have lighter skin, choose a companion neutral to enhance the skin tones.

Hair color

220px-Brian_Williams_2011_ShankboneGray will not age a man if he is wearing an age appropriate hair style. Brian Williams, the anchor on 11th Hour on MSNBC, has streaks of gray hair. It would age him if he tried to dye his hair.

Recently, I was at an event where a man looked older because the dye in his hair looked so fake it aged him. Once a man begins to color his hair it is hard to keep the color from fading. It ages instead of making him look younger.

Mix and match

3d human with a red question markClassic styling has dictated that shoes, belts and handbags match. Today’s trends are more in the mix and match category like wearing colors and patterns.
However, a man wearing a dark leather high gloss brown shoe would choose a dark brown leather belt in an high gloss finish like a lizard print. He would keep the same color scheme with different leather blend.

Women have gone in the opposite direction. A black shoe might be matched with a patterned purse in a totally different color. What makes it work is the clothing pieces worn to complement the black shoe. I still believe if you are more comfortable with matching then add a mixed pattern in the same color.
Whatever you choose to accessorize, make sure it is the best quality leather or fabric.

Black is the new color?

treadsThe color black is on the rise again. I think it is because there are many new variations and that a backlash is growing against bright colors in jackets and other clothing. I see more men wear black shirts with a print. Women are opting to go with the black jacket on a dress with color. I also thought bright colors were becoming harsher and a black jacket on a woman seemed more elegant. Dark, warm grays and berry colors also have a graceful vibe to them.

Gray- the new color nail polish?

Gray nail polish color1In 2016, Michele Obama wore gray nail polish for her speech at the Democratic convention. This color seemed to have disappeared for a while but it is back big time now. I have seen blue, light and charcoal grays.

The darker grays seemed to be worn by women in the fashion industry and the lighter grays worn by folks in business. Darker gray is the color to be careful of. It can make the skin look older and harsh. In choosing gray, opt for the lighter one. You still will be in fashion.

How you dress makes a statement in television

WP_000121It is not easy to dress for the masses, especially on television. In today’s race for the White house, the male candidates have it much easier. Their choices are simple because it comes down to the shirt and tie combination. Their main battle is the fit of the jacket. President Obama has his suits tailored to fit him so he always looks elegant and crisp. He is also tall and slim, so his main issue is look stately and in command in an approachable manner.

For the heavy set candidate, it can be difficult to not look rumbled and clown-like. Women, on the other hand, have an even more difficult task. Their clothing choices are either too bland or tend to look matronly. Another challenge is that they must look feminine but like they’re still in command.

Television will add at least 20 pounds so clothing choices must accent the slim side of women. We are now in the midst of a presidential campaign so look for the dress style wins in the candidates and learn from those that miss the mark.

Lipstick – What is the cost?

red lipstick11127502Often, I work with high potential women who have a challenging time with senior leaders who are hesitant to move them to the next level because they lack leadership presence.

Recently, in a first time meeting with a senior manager being looked at for a director role, the subject of makeup came up. She indicated she didn’t wear any, especially lipstick.

Lipstick comes in many colors from nude to bright red. Another form of lipstick is tinted with color chap stick like Burt’s Bees which also has a wide range of tints. The price of lipstick ranges from $9.99 to $50.00 (Tom Ford). However, the monetary cost of lipstick is nothing compared to the actual value it can add when appropriately applied.


Complimentary colors and patterns are out- is bold in?

WP_000121The new trend is wearing bold on bold in patterns and colors. It is the fashion industry trying to mix it up. I myself love the new trends. However in my profession, the center of attention is on the client and the audience so I stay more conservative in my dress.

But in my personal world, I like living large! All my sport clothing is in bright yellows, greens and pinks. I have yet to embrace the patterned leggings, though, maybe next year. I have encouraged my C-suite clients and friends, men and women, to add bits of boldness to their accessories. For the women, larger necklaces and very smart print underpinnings look good with their black and gray suits.

Men can wear the tie and shirt selections with a bold print in the tie and pick a shirt color to match the suit. They can do the bold stripe socks as long the sock is in the same color family. Recently, a client wore a grey striped sock with his gray suit. It was fun but not distracting. Having fun with clothing selections will definitely make you feel more uplifted.


Black tie options for women only

Clipart Illustration of a Bunch Of Floating Party Balloons WithA black tie event for women does not always mean they have to wear a floor length gown. Tea length (slightly above the ankle depending on the height of the women) have become popular as have cocktail length (below the knee) dresses. A trendy option is the dressy top with a pair of palazzo pants but a dress will always look more elegant for a black tie event.


Tie and shirt combinations

clairborn shirtsIn a business casual setting, men may not have to necessarily wear a suit jacket all the time, though they might be wearing a shirt and tie most of the time.

Many men in a workshop setting will ask if they can wear a mixed or patterned shirt with a patterned tie. Yes, of course. However, there are a few guidelines to ensure the right mix to look really sharp:

– The shirt stripe must be smaller than the tie pattern

– The tie pattern must be smaller if the shirt stripe is wide

– Make sure there is a similar color in both the tie and shirt

– A tie can be a totally different color than the shirt if the shirt is a non-patterned one

Of course, all of these rules can be broken if you have a dynamic eye for style or a work with a personal stylist!