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Out with the old

Purge20140607_132441_resizedRecently I have decided to give some of my beautiful suits away. I used to wear suits on a regular basis before slowly moving to business casual, really a more really professional casual.

When presenting to groups, I still wear a suit but it’s a much more relaxed version, containing no dark colors and in some cases, I like a mix and match (With the jacket as more of a companion color to the pants or slacks).

I’ve discovered that the most difficult part is giving away wonderful suits that have helped my business. I remember at an event, a colleague told me that I always look like a major company CEO. This proved to be very important when meeting with staff from Fortune 500 companies.

Now these suits must go to a worthy cause to women to help them in their work world. The guidelines below have helped me feel good about giving these friends away:

1. Keep one to three key suits to wear for presentations and pair them with all the companion pieces (shirts, ties, etc.).
2. Put the clothing in a plastic clear bag – marking the date. If you have not worn the clothes in one year, donate them.
3. Once you touch the item and bag it, do not touch it again.
4. Always try the item on before making any decisions. It is too romantic if you don’t. Old memories can cloud reality.

Reducing footprints – saving clothes

earthThe earth is about minimizing footprints, using natural resources and recycling. My mom was a saver to a fault. So, I learned one way of putting this in practice is about how you can save your clothing and at the same time reduce the wear and tear that occurs in over-cleaning.

Hang your clothing up once you get home to air it out, use spot remover to take out stains and save on cleaning and washing items. Recycle clothing by getting more wear out of them by sprucing them up. For example, new buttons can energize clothing and dresses can be made into blouses. Taking the sleeves off a jacket and turning the jacket into a coat vest is very popular now.

These are a few tips to help conserve your clothing while at the same time, saving the earth.

10 Common face-to-face networking mistake

handshake1. Not having several personal introductions

2. Not having an ice breaker to start the conversation

3. Not having a business card

4. Not mixing with more than one group (or staying too long in conversation with one group)

5. Not listening enough (non-stop talking)

6. Not asking how, when and why questions

7. Not having a good time (projecting a look that reflects stomach pain might be occurring)

8. Not smiling (instead, wearing a more a grim facial expression)

9. Not making eye contact or looking around the room more than at a conversation partner

10. Not having a crisp handshake


Take away the nots and you can be a star at networking. The process will also become more fun.



Critical do’s for maintaining a working closet

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe following is a top 7 critical list on how to maintain a functional master closet:

1. Remember that less is more. (How many pairs of black pants should be hanging in your closet? Just 7.)

2. Arrange items by color, then by similar pieces.

3. Allow no empty hangers in the closet.

4. Only keep items that you love and wear on a regular basis.

5. Have all items visible. (I just did away with a closet behind another closet.)

6. If you are an outfit person, then group your items together.

7. Review your closet and purge items twice a year around these months- September to February; February to September.

Be diligent and you can create a serviceable master closet.