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Updating the rules of dress for men and women

1206574733930851359Ryan_Taylor_Green_Tick_svg_medIn is white which can be worn all year round based on fabric; linen for summer and wool for winter

Out is matching colors for shoes and belts unless it is for formal wear for men

In is wearing belt loops beltless on pants and skirts

In is bright pattern hose and socks for men even with sandals

In are single pleated pants for men


The untucked shirt

_7467151The untucked shirt is a shirt hanging over men’s pants. Now, there is a shirt for men made especially to be worn outside. The overhang of the shirt is short and sports a finished even hem. My opinion of the untucked shirt is that the jury is still out.

I was just at a major store and younger-than-25-year-old sales person was assisting me in a purchase. The man possessed a stocky build and wore a plaid red shirt untucked. This person also had a fashion sense, wearing black glasses with a touch of red on the side with well pressed slacks and clean athletic shoes. I was impressed the shirt hit his body at the right place. It looked smart and casual and not in a manufactured way.

The tie speaks

tiesuntitledI am fascinated by ties worn by politicians, especially the color and widths while watching news channels and late night talk show hosts. It seems like every color of the rainbow and tie width is making an appearance! Folks who are in style, wear more narrow widths and venture into the lavender, purple and burgundy colors, rather than traditional tie colors that come in wider widths and in blues, reds and grays. The right tie with a complementary suit and jacket sets the tone needed to deliver their message. Smart, elegant or casual earthy tones should be consistent with a desired long term outcome.

Mix and match

3d human with a red question markClassic styling has dictated that shoes, belts and handbags match. Today’s trends are more in the mix and match category like wearing colors and patterns.
However, a man wearing a dark leather high gloss brown shoe would choose a dark brown leather belt in an high gloss finish like a lizard print. He would keep the same color scheme with different leather blend.

Women have gone in the opposite direction. A black shoe might be matched with a patterned purse in a totally different color. What makes it work is the clothing pieces worn to complement the black shoe. I still believe if you are more comfortable with matching then add a mixed pattern in the same color.
Whatever you choose to accessorize, make sure it is the best quality leather or fabric.

Outerwear – First Impression

IFun-Fur-Credit-Sandra-Semburg-Vogue_fr_ recently noticed a professional woman wearing an oversized mock faux coat walking toward her car. I love faux fur coats when they look either real faux or real in-between. A faux fur looks best when styled to look that way. There are colors and fur types that shout: I am not real! Even so, they make a fashion statement. A faux fur that tries to look real without having a contemporary style appears cheap and matronly.

My late mother had a mink coat that she stopped wearing because it became too big and heavy. We brought her a faux fur in deep forest green in the traditional style. It looked sharp, fun and she loved it!


Tie or no tie

nmm04y0-holiday-tie_mxI went out with friends to a high-end Chicago restaurant for a New Year’s Eve celebration. Most of the men were wearing either a suit or a blazer with an oxford dress shirt and no tie. One out of 15 men might have worn a tie. Also, the men chose a shirt varying from light to dark colors. Ties can appear too worn when seen at official events and observed on television anchors and doctors.

Black is the new color?

treadsThe color black is on the rise again. I think it is because there are many new variations and that a backlash is growing against bright colors in jackets and other clothing. I see more men wear black shirts with a print. Women are opting to go with the black jacket on a dress with color. I also thought bright colors were becoming harsher and a black jacket on a woman seemed more elegant. Dark, warm grays and berry colors also have a graceful vibe to them.

Leggings or slim pants

skinny pantsLeggings hug the legs almost like a second skin. There are some leggings made in a heavier weigh knit but they are still leggings. Instead of the skin tight look, opt for a pair of pants that have slim legs. The real good ones on the market are comfortable and will add a polished look to your business casual appearance especially when worn with polished boots. Also, the new shorter boots are becoming more of a traditional look than a trend.

Christmas Garb

christmas sweaterThe holidays are a fun time to be more creative with wardrobe choices including the famous ugly Christmas sweaters. They have become a bold fashion statement to wear on casual days. For those who love the holiday spirit and but might not want to wear the ugly Christmas sweater, opt for wearing holiday colors in accessories, necklaces or a touch in a scarf for women.

Men can add holiday colors in ties or an outer wear scarf. If you chose to wear a Christmas sweater, choose one with one design and color. Try to stay away from printed words or jingles. Santa hats are also fun for weekend wear and parties.



Holiday Parties- Part Two

holidayWhat you wear to holiday parties depends on the event itself. For holiday weeknight evening parties it is generally acceptable to go directly from work in business dress. You change an item of clothing to give it a fresh look and feeling.

Weekend evening holiday parties tend to be more formal depending on the location of the event. Women wear cocktail length dresses and men a suit or jacket combination with or without a tie.

Open houses at the home or office of a business associate or a senior leader depends on the hosts. Take direction from their typical clothing styles. If they tend to be more formal, use that as an indicator on clothing choice, do the same if they seem to prefer the casual look. Use these guidelines to help make it easier to decide what to wear for those holiday work-related events!