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Don’t get stuck with out of fashion hair

We get very comfortable with what works. A great example is hairstyles.

How many folks do we see today that are still wearing the same hairstyle they wore in high school? This goes both for men and women.

Hairstyles constantly change. Women’s styles have gone from very puffy to flat, long to short, short to long. Note the conservative hair for men. It’s still short and getting shorter with the new styles.

When asked why he cut his hair, the Grammy-winning soul singer, Maxwell, recently responded:

“I didn’t want to be a caricature. There’s nothing worse than that guy who’s still rocking with his hair at whatever it was, 20 years after his heyday. The world’s moved on, and you’re stuck.”

So, when people look at your picture from 10 years ago and say you haven’t changed a bit – make sure the comment doesn’t refer to your hair!

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