The Personal Appearance Club©

  • Do you have a hectic schedule?
  • Are you attending many different professional and personal events each year
  • Has your weight or appearance changed?
  • Could you use some assistance keeping up with current fashion trends?
  • Are you concerned about the adequacy of your wardrobe?
Consider joining the Personal Images Appearance Club!

You receive your own individual image consultant to help you always look and be the best you can be!

Your Personal Images Appearance Club membership, fostered by Anna Wildermuth, provides one year of counseling on your personal image in the following four critical areas: Appearance, Wardrobe, Shopping, and Support.

This is where it all starts. With over 20 years experience as a professional image consultant, Anna’s approach is to focus on strengths. After you email a photo of your face, you will receive:

Women – Recommendations for three new hairstyles, including hair color recommendations and make-up coloring suggestions with specific make-up brands. We will also suggest eyeglass and jewelry choices.
Men – Recommendations for the appropriate haircut. We will also make suggestions about your facial hair (beard and mustache). We will recommend the right eye wear shape for you including a current designer style.

In addition, when you join Personal Images Appearance, you receive:

  • A Professional Image Analysis – for the corporate arena or as a business owner/entrepreneur
  • Focus on your existing strengths to bring out your best physical features and qualities
  • Recommendations for the most flattering clothing choices for your body type
  • Color recommendations for clothing, hair, grooming and make-up


Anna uses clothing to enhance and accentuate your best features. She helps you make the right clothing choice to do just that. You receive:

  • Complete wardrobe planning starting with the essential pieces you need
  • Assistance with a clothing inventory including accessories to see that you have what you need for different seasons and occasions
  • Help to weed out items from your wardrobe that don’t fit properly, are out of style, or aren’t aligned with the image you want to project
  • Recommendations for fresh, appealing outfits from your existing wardrobe that you didn’t know existed
  • An analysis of which styles, colors, and fabrics flatter you best
  • Assistance with business wardrobe planning


With the incredible array of clothing and accessory choices, efficient shopping is important.  Anna will help you get the most for your dollar and be fashionable and look great while doing it. You receive:

  • Recommendations for items to round out your wardrobe
  • Cost effective shopping techniques
  • Help with making the inexpensive look expensive


In addition to everything mentioned above. You can submit three e-mail questions a week for one year about your personal image. A response is guaranteed within 24 hours.

You can also send us a video tape and we will provide productive feedback.

The Personal Images Club will help you discover your personal and professional style and create your best look. Resources accumulated from over 20 years in the field will be made available for your professional success.

All this at just 54 cents a day ($198 for a full year membership) to stay chic, stylish and worry free about your image!


Very seldom do things meet my expectations; working with Anna exceeded my expectations.

Tommie Gibson, General Manager

Chelco Electric Services, Inc.

Anna has given me the self-assurance to walk into any room in the world and know I look and sound great!

Chicago Civic Leader

Personal Images, Inc. helped me acquire a wardrobe of style and colors that look good on me and fit my lifestyle. My closet is filled with clothes I like. Whatever occasion arises, I have several outfits that I know will work well. There's no more desperate last minute shopping for something appropriate to wear. Anna has helped me feel comfortable with my body, happier and more self-confident.

Corporate Event Coordinator

I have had several meetings the past two months as well as business dinners. I want you to know that I have felt completely relaxed and confident. Before working with you I am sure I would have been second guessing myself, my clothes, and my manners.

General Manager

I hate shopping and my wardrobe showed it. Shopping with Anna changed this. She saved me time and money while helping me select clothing that I like and enjoy wearing. She has a natural instinct for choosing the right clothing colors and cuts. I never got so many compliments about my appearance as I do now. I feel much better about my image and myself.

Fortune 500 CEO

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