December 2017 Business Case Study

The Situation: Leadership Presence

Amy was hired for her technical skills and the way she handled investors in her previous organizations. She has done an amazing job with the external relationships but appears challenged with the internal group. Unfortunately, senior management decided to hire a manager for her to report to. This manager reports to the senior leader instead of Amy. The qualities that endear Amy to external stake holders do not come across the same way for senior leaders.

The Solution:

Amy began to work diligently to understand and prepare to be a more effective communicator to the senior leaders. She stopped providing too many details and instead, extracted the critical facts that the leaders needed to know. Amy also installed communication boundaries for internal and external communities.

The Outcome:

In proving her executive and leadership presence, it was determined Amy’s manager was no longer needed. Amy now reports to the senior leaders.

Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success. Virat Kohli – Athlete