September 2017 Business Case Study

The Situation: Thinker to Director

James has been in the organization for two years. His role is to oversee a group of senior leaders. The opportunity for James is to process information quickly to determine the appropriate way to help these leaders deal with ongoing organizational issues. James was hired because of his high intellect. However, it has been very difficult to keep up with this fast thinking group.

The Solution:

A platinum assessment confirmed that James is a strong thinker. Process is his comfort level but he needs to move closer to a Director role where the focus is on the end product being delivered on time rather than weighing options to find a solution.

The Outcome:

James has moved closer to a Director level by delivering solutions on difficult situations. It has also been determined that his strengths might be better served in a research capacity or by partnering with a counterpart to work with the senior leaders.

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